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2019: Volume 1, Issue 1

Cardiologist or Computer: Who Can Read EKG Better?

Ajay Mishra1, Sonia Mishra2, Jagdish P Mishra3

1Georgetown University 3700 O St NW, WA, USA
2MMS student at LECOM Erie, PA, USA
3Upstate Cardiology 215 Summit St. Batavia, NY, USA

*Corresponding author: Jagdish P Mishra, Upstate Cardiology 215 Summit St. Batavia, NY 14020, USA.

Received: November 9, 2019
Published: November 26, 2019


Nowadays most of the ECGs have computerized interpretation and overall, a diagnosis is also provided by the computer algorithm. Most of the time, these EKG interpretations are correct. However there are times when the computer algorithm misses the diagnosis completely or gives a wrong diagnosis altogether. In this contemporary time of medicine, most internists and family physicians have started to rely so much more on the computers that they are losing the EKG interpretative skills. We would like to demonstrate through this article that we need to get back that skill so urgently.

Keywords: Computers, Cardiologists, EKG

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